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There are a lot of points of interest in the Colonia region and it can be hard to keep track of whether you've visited all of them. This tool allows you to keep track of which you have visited.

If you turn the tracking tools on, a button to mark your visit will appear in the top right of the page for each point of interest in its respective catalogue. You can also click on the progress bars to mark visits here.

All information is stored locally on your web browser using Javascript - none of the information on what you have visited is ever sent to the census servers.

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Alberta  Amatsuboshi  Asura  Aurora Astrum  Benzaiten  Canis Subridens  Canonnia  Carcosa  Carlota  Centralis  Chrysus  Coeus  Colonia  Deriso  Desy  Diggidiggi  Dubbuennel  Earth Expeditionary Fleet  Edge Fraternity Landing  Einheriar  Eol Procul Centauri  Eol Prou IW-W e1-1456  Eol Prou LW-L c8-127  Eol Prou LW-L c8-322  Eol Prou NR-L c8-152  Eol Prou OH-K c9-245  Eol Prou RS-T d3-611  Far Tauri  Farwell  Garuda  Hamlet's Harmony  Helgoland  Hephaestus  Juniper  Kajuku  Kinesi  Kioti 368  Kojeara  Kopernik  Los  Luchtaine  Lux Caeli  Lycanthrope  Macrath  Magellan  Meretrida  Metztli  Mobia  Morpheus  Mriya  Ogmar  Pekoe  Pennsylvania  Pergamon  Phoenix  Poe  Pyrrha  Pytheas  Ra' Takakhan  Randgnid  Ratraii  Ravenhold  Rodentia  Rodentia Petram  Santos Dumont  Saraswati  Signalis  Solitude  Sollaro  Sovereign's Reach  Tenjin  Tir  Trakath  Union  Valac  White Sun 
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Amber Dock  Annan Orbital  Aragon Silo  Arcanonn's Legacy  Artutanov's Reach  Balakor's Research Post  Bascom's Pride  Beaumont Reach  Berman Market  Bisley Landing  Bolden's Enterprise  Bonestell Point  Brazilian Dream  Broadcasting Bay  Burnham's Beacon  Cavendish Base  Chaydar Correctional  Colonia Barracks  Colonia Dream  Colonia Hub  Colonia Orbital  Concordia Hub  Crevie's Salvo  Crockett Gateway  Cubil Del Lobo  Dallin's Boondocks  Damask Rose  Dayuan Prospect  Dervish Platform  Dezhnev Landing  Diva Mines  Dohler Depot  Dove Enigma  Dunker's Rest  Eavesdown Docks  Exodus Reach  Fernandes Oasis  Fort Mug  Foster Terminal  Fukui's Pride  Giles Station  Harold's Respite  Hayabusa Landing  Hipparque - Cartographers' University  Holloway Biology Centre  Jaques Station  Jonas Station  Kapur Reach  Karrison's Landing  Keppler Observatory  Knight's Retreat  Kolonia Sobieski  Kraft Works  Kraken's Retreat  Kremmen's Respite  Longyear Beacon  Malcolm Oasis  Malik Station  Marigold City  McDonald Platform  Millennium Point  Mizuno Dock  Moore Works  Moore's Charm  Morten's Paradise  Mortimer's Charm  Muir Survey  Murakami Gateway  Naboth Arsenal  Napier Laboratory  Neon Sanctuary  Neugebauer Mines  Odin's Crag  Oswald Park  Oxley Orbital  Paxton Landing  Pedersen's Legacy  Phoenix Harbour  Phoenix Industries  Piccard's Horizons  Pilkington Orbital  Prince Kajukus Paradise  Prisma Renata  Rae's Prospect  Rebolo Port  Robardin Rock  Rock  Rock Rats Reach  Rossi Depot  Rowley Survey  Rubruck Mines  Safe Haven  Salted Womb  Sanctuary  Santos Mines  Sanzio Silo  Savorgnan Vision  Sojourner Bastion  Spassky's Prospect  Stein Works  Stoertebeker Dock  Surly's Nest  Szilard Depot  Talalay Retreat  Taras Shevchenko Hub  Templar Barracks  The Bone Yard  The Brig  The Crypt  The Nest  The Pit  The Watchtower  TolaGarf's Junkyard  Tristan's Rest  Tsiolkovskiy Horizon  Vera Rubin Complex  Vicktore's Promise  Vitto Orbital  Wade Terminal  Walhalla Port  Wellington's Claim  West Base  Whirling Station  Zhu Oasis 
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Alberta Industries  Asura Industrial Complex  Bloodhounds  Brian's Thugs  Browncoats  Canonn Deep Space Research  Carpe Noctem  Coeus Services Ltd  Colonia Agricultural Co-operative  Colonia Citizens Network  Colonia Co-operative  Colonia Council  Colonia Defence Force  Colonia Mining Co-operative  Colonia Mining Enterprise  Colonia Refinery Operations  Colonia Research Department  Colonia Research Division  Colonia Tech Combine  Colonia Tourism & Co  Colonists of Aurora  Consortium Pioneers  Diggidiggi Mining Services  Earth Expeditionary Fleet  Ed's 38  Edge Fraternity  Einheriar Agri-Works Ltd  Eol Prou Group  Etienne Dorn  Explorers' Nation  Free Farmers Federation  GVC Flying Tigers  Galcop Colonial Defence Commission  Golden Hand Coalition  HOTCOL  Holloway Bioscience Institute  ICU Colonial Corps  INO Research  Independent Agricultural Union  Independent Detention Foundation  Infinity's End Deep Space Company  Iron Phoenix Enterprise  Jadht Nonowners  Jadish Dovish  Jaques  Junkyard Dogs  Knights of Colonial Karma  LGC - Colonia Cartographers' Guild  Last Phoenix Vault  Likedeeler of Colonia  Lobos De Loki  Los Services Ltd  Luchtaine Forge  Macrath Science and Research  Marquisate of Valac  Marsha Hicks  Mel Brandon  Milanov's Reavers  Mobius Colonial Republic Navy  No Look Here Gang  Nomads of Nevermore  Nu Simbad  Order of the West's  Pekoe Growers Association  People of Colonia  Petra Olmanova  Pioneers and eXplorers  Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force  Ra' Takakhan Resources Inc.  Radio Sidewinder Galactic  Rock Research Ring  Sadie Capra Aegagrus  Saraswati Tourist Services  Simple Elite Corps  Smiling Dingo Crew  Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei  Sollaro Refinery Operations  Subatopian Munitions Corp  Tenjin Pioneers Colonia  Tenjin Reclamation Inc.  The Baddest Company  The Crimson Blade  The Fire Twins  The Fuel Rat Colony  The Nameless  The Order of the Wandering Siamese  The Sovereignty  The Tang Clan  The Winged Hussars Colonia Initiative  Tir Technology Services  Ukraine Colonist Alliance  Vini Clonal 
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Alberta 2 Civilian  Asura 1d Medical  Benzaiten 8 Tourist  Bug's Rest  Carcosa CD2 Unauthorised  Casa Sadie Capra  Coeus A3 Military  Colonia Applied Research  Colonia Bastion  Desy 4 Agricultural  Diggidiggi 3 Industrial  Einheriar 5 Agricultural  Hamlet's Harmony 4 Agricultural  Hephaestus B2 Industrial  Jaques Cafe  Kojeara 2 Unauthorised  Kojeara 4a Unauthorised  Los A2c Military  Macrath 4 Comms  Metztli 4 Comms  Ogmar B4 Unauthorised  Pekoe 9 Agricultural  Pennsylvania 3 Industrial  Ra' Takakhan 6 Civilian  Randgnid 4 Military  Ratraii A3 Industrial  Saraswati 3d Tourist  Secret Creek Homestead  Sollaro A4 Civilian  Tenjin 6 Scientific  The New Queen VI  Tir B3 Scientific  Tir Research Labs  Trakath A7 Scientific  Unnamed Signal  Unnamed Signal  Unnamed Signal 
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Aquarius Class Tanker PDP-399  Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship LNL-257  Damaged Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship ???-???  Freedom Class Survey Vessel CTC-023  Freedom Class Survey Vessel PNF-542  Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship LWY-129  Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship MKZ-892  Henry Class Bulk Cargo Ship BFS-396  Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship NLS-088  Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship ELI-272  Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship GRN-542  James Class Bulk Cargo Ship LNP-723  James Class Bulk Cargo Ship VKN-091  Lowell Class Science Vessel NFH-183  Naphtha Class Tanker MAL-086  Naphtha Class Tanker UVM-617  Sagan Class Tourist Ship JNY-092  Sagan Class Tourist Ship TLS-051  Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship GDZ-044 
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Alberta 2ga Smugglers cache  Asura 1 Lagrange Cluster  Asura 1a Crashed T-9 and escorts  Asura 1f Viridis Cloud  Asura 1f Viridis Cloud  Aurora Astrum 5b Building wreckage  Aurora Astrum 6 Viridis Cloud  Aurora Astrum 7b Wreckage  Aurora Astrum 7c Blue Cloud  Benzaiten 10a Smuggler base  Canis Subridens A1 Destroyed pirate base  Canis Subridens A2a Ship wreckage  Canonnia B1 Tip-off site  Canonnia B4a Half-buried Anaconda and escorts  Canonnia B5 Crystals  Canonnia B6 Luteolum Umbrella Molluscs  Carcosa AB1d Crashed Anaconda and escorts  Chrysus 7b Rubicundum Cloud  Coeus A4a Crashed Anaconda  Colonia 2b Croceus Cloud  Colonia 2b Hyford's Message  Colonia 3ca Fungal Life (former site)  Colonia 4 "Jaques Visitor Beacon", "Repairs Concluded" and "The Colonia Expansion"  Colonia 5ea Hyford's Cache  Colonia 7 Caeruleum Cloud  Colonia 7aa Crashed Diamondback and Eagles  Colonia 7g Croceum Cloud  Deriso 2e Building wreckage  Desy 1a Crashed Anaconda and escorts  Dubbuennel 3b Crashed T-9 and Eagles  Dubbuennel 4c Building wreckage  Dubbuennel 5 Garibaldi  Edge Fraternity Landing A1 Ruined facility  Edge Fraternity Landing A2 Ruined structure  Einheriar 3 Crashed Anaconda  Eol Procul Centauri 1 Hutton Moon  Garuda A2b Tip-off site  Garuda A4a Crashed T-9 and Eagles  Hamlet's Harmony 6a Crashed Diamondback and Eagles  Hamlet's Harmony 7 Viridis Cloud  Hephaestus A3c Building wreckage  Kinesi 3b Distress Call: Unknown Wreckage  Kioti 368 10c Wrecked smuggling site  Kioti 368 12a Crashed T-9 and escorts  Kojeara 3e Building wreckage  Kopernik 7a Unidentified wreckage  Kopernik A4a Crashed Anaconda  Los A2a Crashed Anaconda  Luchtaine A1 Distress Call  Luchtaine A3a Wrecked building  Macrath 4a Crashed Ships  Meretrida 12j Crashed Anaconda and Eagles  Meretrida 9 Crashed Anaconda  Metztli 7f Crashed Anaconda  Mobia A3 Crashed DBX and Eagle  Mobia ABC1g Crashed Diamondback Explorer  Mobia B Luteolum Cloud  Mobia C1 Luteolum Cloud  Morpheus 1a Caeruleum Cloud  Morpheus 1a Rubicundum Cloud  Morpheus 1f Croceum Cloud  Ogmar A2 Crashed Anaconda  Pekoe 9a Building wreckage  Pennsylvania 6a Building wreckage  Pergamon B3 Crystals  Pergamon B3a Tip-off site  Pergamon B5c Roseus Cloud  Pergamon B6 Crashed T-9 and Eagles  Pergamon B6b Roseus Cloud  Phoenix 3a Crashed T-9 and Eagle  Phoenix 6a Crashed Anaconda  Pyrrha A5b Crashed Anaconda  Pyrrha A5e Destroyed building  Ra' Takakhan 9da Crashed T-9 and escorts  Randgnid 3 Pirate stash  Ratraii AB3a Crashed T-9 and escorts  Saraswati 1 Crashed Diamondback  Signalis 11ea Crashed ships  Signalis 7 Facility under construction  Sollaro A4a Crashed Anaconda and escorts  Tenjin 1 Crashed T-9 and Eagles  Tir A4 Crashed T-9s  Trakath A 9 a Building wreckage  Union A1e Crashed Anaconda and escorts  Union A2e Abandoned facility  Union B1 Luteus Cloud  Union B1a Roseus Cloud  Valac 2 Virens Umbrella Molluscs  Valac 3c Rubicundus Cloud  Valac 5d Viridis Cloud 
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Etienne Dorn  Marsha Hicks  Mel Brandon  Petra Olmanova