Name Type Location Distance (Ls) Gravity Docking Facilities Economy Controlling Faction Primary?
Jaques Station Orbis Colonia 4 1576 Orbital S M L 💱 Tourism Jaques ✔ Yes
Colonia Hub Planetary Outpost Colonia 2 a 1009 0.12G S M L 💱 Industrial-Extraction Colonia Council ✘ No
The Pit Outpost Pennsylvania 2 18 Orbital S M Extraction Consortium Pioneers ✔ Yes
Morten's Paradise Outpost Desy 1 426 Orbital S M Extraction Mobius Colonial Republic Navy ✔ Yes
Malik Station Outpost Hephaestus A 1 a 1013 Orbital S M Refinery Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei ✔ Yes
Dervish Platform Outpost Ogmar A 4 a 1734 Orbital S M High-Tech Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✘ No
Colonia Dream Coriolis Ratraii A 3 A 26 Orbital S M L Industrial-Refinery Colonia Co-operative ✔ Yes
Vitto Orbital Outpost Metztli 6 1093 Orbital S M Agricultural Eol Prou Group ✔ Yes
Balakor's Research Post Outpost Tenjin 4 126 Orbital S M Service Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✔ Yes
Diva Mines Outpost Trakath A 5 310 Orbital S M 💱 Service Jaques ✔ Yes
The Nest Planetary Outpost Phoenix 2 a 780 2.23G S M L Refinery Last Phoenix Vault ✔ Yes
Dezhnev Landing Planetary Outpost Meretrida 5 a 433 0.07G S M L Industrial Eol Prou Group ✔ Yes
Arcanonn's Legacy Planetary Outpost Canonnia B 2 30032 2.10G S M L High-Tech Canonn Deep Space Research ✔ Yes
Walhalla Port Planetary Outpost Magellan C 1 20283 0.25G S M L Tourism Pioneers and eXplorers ✔ Yes
Vera Rubin Complex Planetary Outpost Garuda A 1 b 1097 0.06G S M L Military Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✔ Yes
Broadcasting Bay Planetary Outpost Signalis 12 a 1293 0.24G S M L Extraction Radio Sidewinder Galactic ✔ Yes
Tsiolkovskiy Horizon Planetary Outpost Pyrrha A 1 17 0.59G S M L High-Tech ICU Colonial Corps ✔ Yes
Rebolo Port Planetary Outpost Union A 2 a 2549 0.16G S M L 💱 Refinery Explorers' Nation ✔ Yes
Malcolm Oasis Planetary Outpost Pergamon B 2 19425 1.28G S M L Industrial Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei ✔ Yes
Kolonia Sobieski Planetary Outpost Kopernik A 2 b 566 0.15G S M L 💱 Extraction The Winged Hussars Colonia Initiative ✔ Yes
Dunker's Rest Planetary Outpost Dubbuennel 3 a 1079 0.07G S M L Industrial Ed's 38 ✔ Yes
Kremmen's Respite Planetary Outpost Kioti 368 8 a 366 0.06G S M L Colony Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force ✔ Yes
Pedersen's Legacy Planetary Outpost Mobia A 1 a 20 0.09G S M L Industrial Mobius Colonial Republic Navy ✔ Yes
Prisma Renata Planetary Outpost Aurora Astrum 3 a 47 1.59G S M L Extraction Colonists of Aurora ✔ Yes
Concordia Hub Planetary Outpost Edge Fraternity Landing A 10 a 3687 0.12G S M L 💱 Tourism Edge Fraternity ✔ Yes
The Bone Yard Planetary Outpost Canis Subridens A 3 a 187 0.33G S M L 💱 Refinery Carpe Noctem ✔ Yes
Brazilian Dream Planetary Outpost Santos Dumont 6 413 2.98G S M L Refinery The Sovereignty ✔ Yes
Rock Rats Reach Planetary Outpost Rodentia Petram A 7 1112 2.08G S M L Extraction Rock Research Ring ✔ Yes
Stoertebeker Dock Planetary Outpost Helgoland 2 A 1838 0.11G S M L 💱 High-Tech Likedeeler of Colonia ✔ Yes
Knight's Retreat Planetary Outpost Solitude 1 290 1.36G S M L Industrial Knights of Colonial Karma ✔ Yes
Harold's Respite Planetary Outpost Sovereign's Reach A 4 A 1834 0.10G S M L Military The Sovereignty ✔ Yes
Piccard's Horizons Large Planetary Settlement Colonia 5 A 2552 0.14G 💱 Colony Colonia Council ✘ No
Santos Mines Small Planetary Settlement Pennsylvania 5 A 1818 0.04G Extraction Consortium Pioneers ✘ No
Beaumont Reach Small Planetary Settlement Desy 1 A 425 0.23G Extraction Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force ✘ No
Longyear Beacon Small Planetary Settlement Hephaestus A 3 A 1816 0.07G Extraction Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei ✘ No
Crockett Gateway Small Planetary Settlement Ogmar A 4 A 1733 0.07G Tourism Jaques ✘ No
Moore Works Small Planetary Settlement Metztli 7 A 3023 0.04G Extraction Pioneers and eXplorers ✘ No
Wade Terminal Small Planetary Settlement Tenjin 1 27 0.13G Tourism Colonia Research Department ✘ No
Rowley Survey Small Planetary Settlement Trakath A 4 A 214 0.09G 💱 Extraction Jaques ✘ No
Rossi Depot Large Planetary Settlement Phoenix 8 A 4859 0.26G Industrial Last Phoenix Vault ✘ No
Napier Laboratory Large Planetary Settlement Aurora Astrum A 5 A 1113 0.13G High-Tech Colonists of Aurora ✘ No
Naboth Arsenal Large Planetary Settlement Canis Subridens A 2 124 1.17G 💱 Military Carpe Noctem ✘ No
Keppler Observatory Large Planetary Settlement Canonnia B 4 A 28222 0.14G High-Tech Canonn Deep Space Research ✘ No
Burnham's Beacon Large Planetary Settlement Dubbuennel 4 A 1585 0.10G Colony Ed's 38 ✘ No
Sanzio Silo Large Planetary Settlement Edge Fraternity Landing A 2 198 1.66G 💱 Military Edge Fraternity ✘ No
Cavendish Base Large Planetary Settlement Garuda A 2 A 1479 0.09G Military Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✘ No
Fukui's Pride Large Planetary Settlement Kioti 368 2 12 0.47G Extraction Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force ✘ No
Fernandes Oasis Medium Planetary Settlement Kopernik A 3 A 545 0.04G 💱 Tourism The Winged Hussars Colonia Initiative ✘ No
Rae's Prospect Large Planetary Settlement Magellan C 2 20772 0.16G Colony Pioneers and eXplorers ✘ No
Sojourner Bastion Large Planetary Settlement Meretrida 7 576 1.39G Industrial Eol Prou Group ✘ No
Rubruck Mines Large Planetary Settlement Mobia ABC 1 C 2245 0.07G Extraction Mobius Colonial Republic Navy ✘ No
Savorgnan Vision Medium Planetary Settlement Pergamon B 4 A 20626 0.06G Colony Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei ✘ No
Dayuan Prospect Large Planetary Settlement Pyrrha A 5 A 1734 0.09G Industrial ICU Colonial Corps ✘ No
Kapur Reach Large Planetary Settlement Signalis 12 D 1294 0.18G Extraction Radio Sidewinder Galactic ✘ No
Szilard Depot Large Planetary Settlement Union A 1 C 1955 0.11G 💱 Military Explorers' Nation ✘ No
TolaGarf's Junkyard Asteroid Base Kojeara 1 224 Orbital S M L Refinery Tenjin Pioneers Colonia ✔ Yes
Hipparque - Cartographers' University Planetary Outpost Pytheas 3 A 141 0.25G S M L High-Tech LGC - Colonia Cartographers' Guild ✔ Yes
Fort Mug Planetary Outpost Eol Procul Centauri Hutton Moon 35 1.31G S M L Industrial HOTCOL ✔ Yes
Hayabusa Landing Planetary Outpost Amatsuboshi A 2 25 1.09G S M L Tourism Tenjin Pioneers Colonia ✔ Yes
Chaydar Correctional Planetary Outpost Far Tauri 1 C 593 0.09G S M L 💱 Extraction Nu Simbad ✔ Yes
Taras Shevchenko Hub Planetary Outpost Mriya A 4 33 0.54G S M L Refinery Ukraine Colonist Alliance ✔ Yes
Foster Terminal Civilian Cruiser Coeus A 2 Ring 1590 Orbital S M L 💱 Service Explorers' Nation ✔ Yes
Giles Station Orbis Deriso 1 B 1276 Orbital S M L Agricultural HOTCOL ✔ Yes
Moore's Charm Asteroid Base Luchtaine A 1 Ring 1481 Orbital S M L Refinery Ukraine Colonist Alliance ✔ Yes
Muir Survey Outpost Ra' Takakhan 8 1425 Orbital S M Extraction Ukraine Colonist Alliance ✔ Yes
Bascom's Pride Ocellus Diggidiggi 1 319 Orbital S M L Extraction ICU Colonial Corps ✔ Yes
Murakami Gateway Outpost Los A 1 B 934 Orbital S M Service ICU Colonial Corps ✔ Yes
Bisley Landing Orbis Benzaiten 4 A 85 Orbital S M L Tourism ICU Colonial Corps ✔ Yes
Annan Orbital Outpost Sollaro A 3 1045 Orbital S M 💱 Refinery Explorers' Nation ✔ Yes
Artutanov's Reach Outpost Saraswati 2 B 2085 Orbital S M Tourism Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✔ Yes
McDonald Platform Outpost Hamlet's Harmony 6 1615 Orbital S M Agricultural Mobius Colonial Republic Navy ✔ Yes
Kraft Works Outpost Alberta 2 E 607 Orbital S M Industrial Mobius Colonial Republic Navy ✔ Yes
Bolden's Enterprise Coriolis Tir A 5 354 Orbital S M L High-Tech Tir Technology Services ✔ Yes
Robardin Rock Asteroid Base Carcosa A 1 8 Orbital S M L Military Explorers' Nation ✔ Yes
Mizuno Dock Coriolis Asura 1 C 2613 Orbital S M L Industrial Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✔ Yes
Spassky's Prospect Outpost Macrath 3 A 686 Orbital S M High-Tech The Sovereignty ✔ Yes
Templar Barracks Orbis Randgnid 4 D 466 Orbital S M L Military The Sovereignty ✔ Yes
Pilkington Orbital Coriolis Einheriar 4 A 1009 Orbital S M L 💱 Agricultural Explorers' Nation ✔ Yes
Prince Kajukus Paradise Planetary Outpost Kajuku 2 B 1580 0.13G S M L Military Simple Elite Corps ✔ Yes
Neon Sanctuary Planetary Outpost Poe 2 30 1.66G S M L Tourism Colonia Citizens Network ✔ Yes
Rock Planetary Outpost Chrysus 3 39 2.29G S M L Refinery INO Research ✔ Yes
West Base Planetary Outpost Morpheus 1 D 3267 0.31G S M L 💱 Refinery Order of the West's ✔ Yes
Marigold City Planetary Outpost Juniper 4 A 2011 0.05G S M L Industrial Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✔ Yes
Vicktore's Promise Planetary Outpost Earth Expeditionary Fleet 1 73 0.34G S M L 💱 Military Earth Expeditionary Fleet ✔ Yes
Eavesdown Docks Planetary Outpost White Sun A 3 A 1898 0.18G S M L High-Tech Browncoats ✔ Yes
The Crypt Planetary Outpost Lycanthrope 5 A 701 0.57G S M L 💱 Extraction Carpe Noctem ✔ Yes
Phoenix Industries Planetary Outpost Farwell 1 90 0.65G S M L Tourism Coeus Services Ltd ✔ Yes
Surly's Nest Planetary Outpost Rodentia 4 36 0.77G S M L High-Tech The Fuel Rat Colony ✔ Yes
Cubil Del Lobo Planetary Outpost Carlota 3 A 1378 0.06G S M L Refinery Lobos De Loki ✔ Yes
Phoenix Harbour Planetary Outpost Centralis 3 47 1.07G S M L 💱 Extraction Colonia Citizens Network ✔ Yes
Colonia Barracks Outpost Randgnid 5A 3734 Orbital S M Military Last Phoenix Vault ✘ No
Neugebauer Mines Outpost Luchtaine A 2 1440 Orbital S M Refinery Ukraine Colonist Alliance ✘ No
Wellington's Claim Outpost Asura 2 3474 Orbital S M Service GVC Flying Tigers ✘ No
Colonia Orbital Outpost Colonia 2 A 1011 Orbital S M 💱 Tourism Colonia Council ✘ No
Bonestell Point Outpost Ratraii A 1 18 Orbital S M Extraction Colonia Co-operative ✘ No
Talalay Retreat Outpost Deriso 2 1785 Orbital S M Agricultural HOTCOL ✘ No
Oxley Orbital Outpost Coeus A 1 895 Orbital S M 💱 Industrial Coeus Services Ltd ✘ No
Aragon Silo Outpost Carcosa AB 1 1775 Orbital S M High-Tech Explorers' Nation ✘ No
Paxton Landing Outpost Einheriar 2 311 Orbital S M 💱 Service Explorers' Nation ✘ No
Dohler Depot Outpost Tir A 3 147 Orbital S M Service Tir Technology Services ✘ No
Zhu Oasis Outpost Benzaiten 5 114 Orbital S M Tourism ICU Colonial Corps ✘ No
Stein Works Outpost Diggidiggi 1 A 319 Orbital S M Extraction ICU Colonial Corps ✘ No
Oswald Park Outpost Kojeara 2 297 Orbital S M Extraction Tenjin Pioneers Colonia ✘ No
Jonas Station Outpost Pekoe 8 A 1279 Orbital S M Agricultural ICU Colonial Corps ✔ Yes
Salted Womb Planetary Outpost Valac 2 A 1074 0.11G S M L Industrial Marquisate of Valac ✔ Yes
Tristan's Rest Planetary Outpost Lux Caeli 3 A 1263 0.05G S M L Extraction Infinity's End Deep Space Company ✔ Yes
Karrison's Landing Planetary Outpost Ravenhold 7 A 8725 0.28G S M L Industrial Nomads of Nevermore ✔ Yes
Whirling Station Coriolis Ogmar 3 23 Orbital S M L High-Tech Galcop Colonial Defence Commission ✔ Yes
Dove Enigma Civilian Cruiser Colonia 3 A 1530 Orbital S M L 💱 Industrial-Extraction Colonia Council ✘ No
Odin's Crag Civilian Cruiser Eol Prou LW-L c8-127 AB1 1092 Orbital S M L Prison Independent Detention Foundation ✔ Yes
Amber Dock Outpost Carcosa B 1 120 Orbital S M Service Order of the West's ✘ No
Berman Market Outpost Alberta 5 B Ring 1425 Orbital S M Refinery Marquisate of Valac ✘ No
Millennium Point Outpost Hephaestus A 3 A 1817 Orbital S M Service Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei ✘ No
Safe Haven Outpost Trakath BC 1 4163 Orbital S M 💱 Extraction Colonia Mining Enterprise ✘ No
Exodus Reach Outpost Ratraii AB 1 B Ring 953 Orbital S M Industrial Colonia Co-operative ✘ No