Tip-off: Crashed T-9s

Location: Tir A4 47.35 x -26.94
Type: Tip-off. Tip-off sites are primarily visited after a tip-off following a completed mission (though can be visited without this). They all contain some data source which can be read, and either crashed ships or a destroyed building. Tip-off sites are not always available: Dja's spreadsheet describes the schedule.

Two T-9s are deeply embedded in the ground here. A less-buried Eagle and several large pieces of wreckages are nearby. Very little cargo appears to have escaped, but a few barrels of food and salvage can be found.

The data core on one of the T-9s is still operational, but buried deep underground so will require careful positioning to scan. The ship's log is typical of early descriptions of Thargoids - something they thought a myth, and the noise - but the damage on the ship's hulls appears to be from conventional weapons.