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System Planet Location Category Summary
Colonia 4 Jaques Station Tourist Beacon "Jaques Visitor Beacon", "Repairs Concluded" and "The Colonia Expansion"
Los A2a -51.96 x 15.51 Tip-off Crashed Anaconda
Meretrida 9 5.35 x 62.02 Tip-off Crashed Anaconda
Phoenix 6a 5.29 x -18.05 Tip-off Crashed Anaconda
Sollaro A4a 4.22 x -51.81 Tip-off Crashed Anaconda and escorts
Mobia A3 20.78 x 154.28 Tip-off Crashed DBX and Eagle
Mobia ABC1g 8.41 x 153.04 Tip-off Crashed Diamondback Explorer
Colonia 5ea 29.2425 x 39.1472 Attacked Ship Crashed T-9
Ratraii AB3a -62.88 x 110.81 Tip-off Crashed T-9 and escorts
Kioti 368 12a 34.8 x -1.27 Tip-off Crashed T-9 and escorts
Canis Subridens A1 -68.09 x 71.58 Tip-off Destroyed pirate base
Luchtaine A1 Orbital Attacked Ship Distress Call
Signalis 7 -28.20 x -79.60 Tip-off Facility under construction
Colonia 3ca 47.21 x -174.16 Alien Fungal Life (former site)
Canonnia B4a -4.26 x -68.51 Tip-off Half-buried Anaconda and escorts
Colonia 2b Orbital Listening Post Hyford's Message
Randgnid 3 -18.63 x 67.24 Tip-off Pirate stash
Edge Fraternity Landing A1 25.36 x 98.23 Tip-off Ruined facility
Canis Subridens A2a 6.13 x -169.58 Tip-off Ship wreckage
Benzaiten 10a -5.31 x -30.05 Tip-off Smuggler base
Alberta 2ga 25.07 x 135.02 Tip-off Smugglers cache
Pyrrha ? 68.29 x -132.27 Tip-off Tip-off site
Aurora Astrum 7b -30.25 x -10.83 Tip-off Wreckage