Colonia Radio

Press the play button to start automatic speech synthesis playback of radio segments - requires Javascript and a browser which supports speech synthesis. Playback quality will depend on your browser and operating system. You can alternatively read the radio segments yourself using the fast-forward button.

(In some browsers you must press this button before pressing play)

Note: due to the way some browsers interact with speech synthesis, the pause button may only stop the radio at the end of the current segment.

Now, the Technology market update. Robotics prices today are between 1,370 and 2,270 credits for export, with buyers paying between 2,040 and 3,750 credits. While there's money to be made, there's no guarantee of a profit for the haulers here, especially not after their operating costs.

Current open market stocks throughout the region are 62,200 tonnes, with bids open for 1,350,000 tonnes of purchases. Accounting for production and consumption rates, that leaves us around 11,200,000 tonnes a day short without imports from elsewhere.