Determine if Colonia Engineers can have exclusive blueprints

This project has been completed

Project Code: scb

Mel Brandon now has G4 SCB capability, so this project is complete. Many thanks to all contributors.

No engineer provides G4 Shield Cell Bank blueprints, which is the lowest grade at which blueprints are entirely absent. We will therefore be attempting to upgrade Mel Brandon to provide them, to see if this is possible.

The first stage of this will be to get to the G3 blueprint, of course, and it is currently at G2.

Material requirements are easy at G1:

At G2, the requirements get more complex - Grid Resistors are relatively tricky to obtain in bulk - but the second blueprint is still fairly easy:

At G3 the requirements include some materials which are time-consuming to obtain. The G2 blueprint is likely to be more efficient:

The targets are set assuming that all upgrades are with that level of blueprint. In practice a mixed approach will require lower levels on both sides, and many upgrades will be carried out by people and not recorded here. Targets are slowly being reduced as upgrades are recorded.