Stockpile emergency supplies

Project Code: stock

Analysis of recent attacks in the bubble made clear that Colonia lacks certain emergency supplies needed for station repairs. To provide partial mitigation for this issue, the TRL Proud Rest is collecting:

It is currently located in the Eol Prou RS-T d3-686 system, and is able to offer 10 times galactic average for Emergency Power Cells, Energy Grid Assembly and Power Convertor, and 2 times galactic average for CMM Composite.

CMM Composite is produced in small quantities by the region's surface refineries, while the other three goods are only available in bulk from specialist manufacturers near Sol.

Carriers and ships travelling from the bubble who can bring bulk supplies of these goods to the TRL Proud Rest will be welcomed.

Analysts estimate that ideally 18,000t of each commodity should be stored for full resilience, and so volunteers to operate two further storage carriers are welcome.