Investigate engineer upgrade process using Mel Brandon Engines blueprint

Project Code: engines1

Note: following work on the pulse laser blueprint, there is indicative evidence that the target for G2 may be ~40,000. A temporary target has been set.

This project aims to carry out basic investigation of the work required to upgrade engineer blueprints by upgrading Mel Brandon's Engines blueprint to G2. To contribute:

  1. Unlock Mel Brandon
  2. Collect Sulphur, Carbon, and Specialised Legacy Firmware
  3. Go to The Brig, and fit disposable unengineered thrusters
  4. Record your current G1 engineering count from the statistics panel.
  5. Cycle through the three engine blueprints until you run out of materials or have had enough.
  6. Record your new G1 engineering count from the statistics panel.
  7. Submit your contribution on Discord using the CensusBot command.

We do not at this stage know the requirements (our current estimate is that it may be about 40,000). If you see G2 blueprints become available please report this on Discord.