Module availability: Point Defence 0I

Engineering is available from: Petra Olmanova (Grade 3.40) - some blueprints only partially available

This module is produced at the following stations. Note that stations in Lockdown will temporarily not have outfitting available.

Change reference system:
System Station Station type Availability Distance to Colonia Last Update
Tir Bolden's Enterprise Coriolis No Stock 16.13 17 June 3305
Ratraii Colonia Dream Coriolis Available (unreliable) 8.88 22 July 3305
Colonia Colonia Hub Planetary Outpost Available (unreliable) 0.00 22 July 3305
Colonia Colonia Orbital Outpost Available (unreliable) 0.00 22 July 3305
Colonia Dove Enigma Civilian Cruiser Available (unreliable) 0.00 22 July 3305
Colonia Jaques Station Orbis No Stock 0.00 16 July 3305
Los Kraken's Retreat Engineer Base No Stock 34.15 13 July 3305
Coeus Oxley Orbital Outpost No Stock 39.90 24 June 3305
Asura Sanctuary Engineer Base Available (unreliable) 22.29 22 July 3305
Macrath Spassky's Prospect Outpost No Stock 18.23 12 June 3305
Pyrrha Tsiolkovskiy Horizon Planetary Outpost No Stock 20.05 24 June 3305
Ogmar Whirling Station Coriolis No Stock 8.62 27 April 3305

indicates that this station is currently out of stock, while indicates that the station currently has stock but sometimes does not.