Module availability: Lightweight Alloy Cobra MkIV

Engineering is available from: Petra Olmanova (Grade 5.00)

This module is produced at the following stations. Note that stations in Lockdown will temporarily not have outfitting available.

This module has pre-requisites (e.g. Horizons, Tech Broker, ranks) and will only be available to pilots who meet the pre-requisites.

Change reference system:
System Station Station type Availability Distance to Colonia Last Update
Carcosa Amber Dock Outpost Available 36.39 9 April 3307
Ratraii Exodus Reach Outpost Available (unreliable) 8.88 22 April 3307
Solitude Knight's Retreat Planetary Outpost No Stock 32.86
Asura Mizuno Dock Coriolis No Stock 22.29
Carcosa Robardin Rock Asteroid Base Available (unreliable) 36.39 22 April 3307
Rodentia Petram Rock Rats Reach Planetary Outpost No Stock 39.43
Helgoland Stoertebeker Dock Planetary Outpost No Stock 31.74
Garuda Vera Rubin Complex Planetary Outpost No Stock 23.77
Magellan Walhalla Port Planetary Outpost No Stock 24.66

indicates that this station is currently out of stock, while indicates that the station currently has stock but sometimes does not.

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