Name Government Current States Pending States Player?
Brian's Thugs Anarchy (Criminal) War Retreat None ✘ No
Canonn Deep Space Research Cooperative (Social) Boom Civil Unrest Election ✔ Yes
Colonia Agricultural Co-operative Cooperative (Social) Outbreak Boom Election ✘ No
Colonia Co-operative Cooperative (Social) Expansion Retreat ✘ No
Colonia Council Cooperative (Social) Retreat War ✘ No
Colonia Mining Co-operative Cooperative (Social) War None ✘ No
Colonia Mining Enterprise Cooperative (Social) Boom None ✘ No
Colonia Refinery Operations Cooperative (Social) War Lockdown Boom Famine ✘ No
Colonia Research Department Cooperative (Social) None Boom ✘ No
Colonia Research Division Cooperative (Social) War Boom ✘ No
Colonia Tech Combine Cooperative (Social) Retreat War ✘ No
Colonists of Aurora Cooperative (Social) Boom None ✔ Yes
Consortium Pioneers Cooperative (Social) Expansion Election ✔ Yes
Edge Fraternity Cooperative (Social) Boom War ✔ Yes
Ed's 38 Cooperative (Social) Boom Election ✔ Yes
Eol Prou Group Corporate (Corporate) War Boom ✔ Yes
Explorers' Nation Cooperative (Social) Retreat None ✔ Yes
Galcop Colonial Defence Commission Confederacy (Social) Boom Retreat None ✔ Yes
Golden Hand Coalition Anarchy (Criminal) None Boom Famine Bust ✘ No
ICU Colonial Corps Communist (Social) Boom Expansion ✔ Yes
Jaques Cooperative (Social) Boom Civil Unrest Lockdown Election ✘ No
Last Phoenix Vault Patronage (Corporate) War Civil Unrest Boom ✔ Yes
Milanov's Reavers Anarchy (Criminal) Boom Outbreak War ✘ No
Mobius Colonial Republic Navy Democracy (Social) None Civil Unrest Boom Expansion Election ✔ Yes
No Look Here Gang Anarchy (Criminal) War Boom ✘ No
Pioneers and eXplorers Democracy (Social) Boom Lockdown War ✔ Yes
Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force Confederacy (Social) Retreat Lockdown Boom ✔ Yes
Radio Sidewinder Galactic Theocracy None Boom ✔ Yes
Smiling Dingo Crew Feudal (Criminal) Boom None ✔ Yes
Societas Eruditorum de Civitas Dei Dictatorship (Authoritarian) None Civil Unrest Boom ✔ Yes
The Baddest Company Anarchy (Criminal) War Lockdown ✘ No
The Crimson Blade Anarchy (Criminal) Boom Bust Civil Unrest Lockdown ✘ No
The Fire Twins Anarchy (Criminal) Boom None ✘ No
The Tang Clan Anarchy (Criminal) War Outbreak Boom ✘ No
The Winged Hussars Colonia Initiative Cooperative (Authoritarian) Retreat Boom War ✔ Yes
INO Research Confederacy (Corporate) Expansion Civil Unrest Boom Retreat ✔ Yes
Rock Research Ring Democracy (Social) Election Civil Unrest Boom Retreat ✔ Yes
Likedeeler of Colonia Democracy (Social) Election Lockdown Civil Unrest Boom ✔ Yes
Knights of Colonial Karma Feudal (Social) Civil Unrest Boom Election ✔ Yes
The Sovereignty Dictatorship (Authoritarian) Boom Civil Unrest Lockdown Expansion ✔ Yes
Junkyard Dogs Corporate (Corporate) Boom None ✘ No
Tenjin Reclamation Inc. Democracy (Social) Boom None ✘ No
LGC - Colonia Cartographers' Guild Patronage (Corporate) None Lockdown Boom ✔ Yes
HOTCOL Cooperative (Social) None Civil Unrest Boom ✔ Yes
Tenjin Pioneers Colonia Cooperative (Social) Boom Civil Unrest Lockdown ✔ Yes
Nu Simbad Prison Colony Boom None ✔ Yes
Ukraine Colonist Alliance Corporate (Corporate) Boom War ✔ Yes
Coeus Services Ltd Democracy (Social) Retreat War Expansion Boom ✘ No
Los Services Ltd Democracy (Social) War Boom ✘ No
The Nameless Anarchy (Criminal) War None ✘ No
Independent Agricultural Union Cooperative (Social) Boom Outbreak ✘ No
Luchtaine Forge Dictatorship (Authoritarian) Boom None ✘ No
Ra' Takakhan Resources Inc. Feudal (Social) War Boom ✘ No
Diggidiggi Mining Services Cooperative (Social) Election None ✘ No
Colonia Tourism & Co Democracy (Social) None None ✘ No
Sollaro Refinery Operations Confederacy None None ✘ No
Saraswati Tourist Services Cooperative (Social) Boom Election ✘ No
Free Farmers Federation Confederacy (Social) Famine None ✘ No
Alberta Industries Cooperative (Social) Boom Civil Unrest ✘ No
Tir Technology Services Confederacy (Social) Boom None ✘ No
Asura Industrial Complex Patronage (Corporate) Boom None ✘ No
Macrath Science and Research Feudal (Criminal) War Boom ✘ No
Colonia Defence Force Cooperative (Social) Boom None ✘ No
Einheriar Agri-Works Ltd Cooperative (Social) War Expansion Boom ✘ No
Simple Elite Corps Democracy (Corporate) None Boom Civil Unrest Lockdown ✔ Yes
The Order of the Wandering Siamese Communist (Social) Boom War ✔ Yes
GVC Flying Tigers Corporate (Social) War Boom ✔ Yes
Order of the West's Dictatorship War Boom ✔ Yes
Bloodhounds Dictatorship (Social) War Boom ✔ Yes
Earth Expeditionary Fleet Cooperative (Corporate) None Civil Unrest Lockdown Boom War ✔ Yes
Browncoats Cooperative (Social) Boom Expansion War ✔ Yes
Carpe Noctem Dictatorship (Authoritarian) None Civil Unrest Boom Lockdown ✔ Yes
Iron Phoenix Enterprise Corporate (Corporate) Boom War ✔ Yes
The Fuel Rat Colony Cooperative (Social) Boom None ✔ Yes
Lobos De Loki Feudal Retreat None ✔ Yes
Colonia Citizens Network Cooperative (Social) Election Lockdown Expansion ✔ Yes
Pekoe Growers Association Prison Colony War None ✘ No
Marquisate of Valac Theocracy (Corporate) Boom None ✔ Yes
Infinity's End Deep Space Company Democracy Retreat War Boom ✔ Yes
People of Colonia Cooperative (Social) Boom Bust ✘ No
Nomads of Nevermore Confederacy War Civil Unrest Lockdown Boom ✔ Yes