Name System Planet Station Blueprints Completed Development Level
Etienne Dorn ✆︎ Los A2b Kraken's Retreat 10 10 5.0
Marsha Hicks ✆︎ Tir A2 The Watchtower 9 9 5.0
Mel Brandon ⚗︎ Luchtaine A1c The Brig 9 9 5.0
Petra Olmanova ✆︎ Asura 1d Sanctuary 10 10 5.0

Engineering Research

Estimated progress: 1,824,000/1,824,000

Note that it is possible for an Engineer to have a higher research level than there exist blueprints - Mel Brandon has G5 Shield Cell Bank knowledge, but the SCB blueprints only exist up to G4. Similarly, Petra Olmanova cannot produce G2 High Capacity Chaff, Heatsinks or Point Defence (and neither, of course, can Ram Tah), despite having sufficient research level.