About the Colonia Census

The Colonia Census aims to provide current, accurate and comprehensive information about the inhabited systems and population of the Colonia Region, for the use of all residents and visitors.

If you are new to the region, or thinking of visiting, then the new to Colonia page will answer some common questions. You can use the visit tracker to keep a record of which parts of Colonia you have visited so far.

Discussion of the census data, its collection, or suggestions for additional features can take place on the Discord Server. This server also contains a bot (CensusBot) who can answer various questions about the region - extensive queries can be carried out by private message or in the #bot channel.

If you notice the appearance of new systems, stations or factions, or find a system feature (e.g. a RES or an installation) not on the list, please mention it in the #colonia-census channel.

Bot commands

Census bot commands are all prefixed by a '!' - so, for example, to use the 'system' command, start your message with !system. Where a faction, system, or station name is required, typing the first letters is enough - e.g. !faction Priv instead of !faction Privateer's Alliance Expeditionary Force

If you would like to add CensusBot to your server, you can use the link in the topic of the #bot channel. CensusBot only needs and uses 'read message' and 'write message' permissions.

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